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Start your free test version (Free Trial) and collect data from one machine for one month via MTCONNECT®. This fully cloud based trial let's you discover the benefits of FORCAM FORCE™. Optimize your production for sustainable gains in productivity!


Optimizing the utilization of your key manufacturing assets is the first step towards a smarter and more productive factory. Increasing the use of your machine tools can immediately affect your bottom line and free up unused production capacities. Monitor the availability of your machines with FORCAM FORCE™ in order to identify common downtime reasons. We collect, process and analyze data in real-time and provide user-friendly reports and visualizations for all users - from operators to planners.



MTConnect® is a license free Open Source Platform used to collect data from machine tools. Once collected, MTConnect® can distribute data in a standardized format to other systems, such as FORCAM FORCE™, to be used in reporting and performance analysis. The platforms leads itself to real-time data collection and integration with internet based solutions for performance analysis. Legacy machine tools without modern PLCs or communication processors can also be connected using I/O Ethernet Convertors that are MTConnect® compatible. The full FORCAM FORCE™ product suite offers a much wider range of connection methods for your future shop floor projects.


Microsoft is FORCAM's cloud partner of choice. The Free Trial is hosted in Azure and offers customers all the benefits of a modern cloud solution. The cloud is the perfect solution to reduce hardware and infrastructure costs when deploying a new IT solution on the shop floor and can ensure that FORCAM FORCE™ is rapidly available at all work places. Cloud technology can reduce administration effort and ensure easy versioning of IT solutions. And the scalability of the cloud allows for a fast and efficient roll out of the solution to further machine tools or expanded modules in the full FORCAM FORCE™ product suite.



Innovative technology can give your business the competitive advantage in your industry to lead the field in front of your competitors. We asked the experts to find out how a shop floor management system such as FORCAM FORCE™ can help achieve substantial and sustainable gains in productivity.

Ask the Turnaround Expert

Success in Continuous Improvement

means involving the plant manager!

Ask the

Technology Expert

Transparency is the key to
success on the shop floor!

Werner Pertek, Senior Turnaround Experte

  • Optimizing production facilities means working with the right data
  • Succeeding at Continuous Improvement means involving the plant manager
  • Communication is a key success factor
  • 20% increased productivity on one machine within 4 weeks
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Chris Fangmann, CTO Manufacturing Technology
DXC Technologies

  • Use new technologies to drive productivity in manufacturing
  • See new technologies as a chance rather than a risk
  • Customization capabilities for customer-specific needs is the mark of good shop floor management solution
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The use of machine and order data collection can lead to significant improvements in productivity and value creation. Bottleneck machines can readily be identified. Waste minimized.

— Martin Schubert, Group Operations Netzworks, Grammer Technical Components GmbH 


Every morning we can check the machines are running without a hitch. We can analyze stoppages in peace - and identify the weaker machines that cause hold ups. We can directly target downtime and solve the issues.

— Heinz Adams, Plant Manager, MANN+HUMMEL GmbH

The level of complexity in our production is high: We process 36,000 production orders with 17,000 tools on 60 different machines per year. Thanks to digitization, we are a lot more flexible in processing orders - even priority orders are possible any time. Operators define the most efficient production sequence, everyone is working on the correct orders. Our productivity levels are very high.

— Paul Nuijten, Production Logistics Manager, BÜHLER AG

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Collect data from 3 machines for 3 months:
A fast, risk-free and good value for money way to test the FORCAM solution. Lean Management and CIP training is included, as well as system administration training.


TARGET: Increased machine utilization.

FORCAM FORCE™ Best Practice

The FORCAM Best Practice Suite features preconfigured product packages based on successful deployments of FORCAM FORCE™. We've combined years of experience in working with large manufacturers such as Audi or GKN Aerospace or SMBs such as Richards Industries or MitecPowertrain.

TARGET: More transparency in your production - down to the smallest process.