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"FORCE Bridge enables universities and colleges to simulate a virtual factory without physical assets and simultaneously use the data in a variety of ways via open web interfaces."

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Teaching plays a central role in the implementation of the fourth industrial revolution. This is where the foundations for the professions of the future are laid. To become an industry 4.0 and industrial internet expert, the interdisciplinarity of the degree programmes are essential. Therefore, FORCE Bridge combines information technology and manufacturing processes.




Today's research secures tomorrow's competitiveness and innovative strength. New technologies create markets and jobs. In particular, the industrial internet of things and artificial intelligence are two major drivers of growth and digitization.  With FORCE Bridge, we unite exactly these two technologies.



Industry is facing one of the greatest upheavals in its history. Digitalization is coming with full force and even small and medium-sized enterprises have understood the opportunities and possibilities it offers. With the FORCE Bridge platform we help companies to master the entry into the digital age. 

Advantages of the Virtual Factory

With the help of predefined sample products, you can bring your students closer to the world of industry 4.0.

Model & simulate realistic manufacturing processes 

Model your own manufacturing process with an easy-to-use factory builder. Drag and drop predefined objects with just a fingertip. It’s almost like a computer game! By visualizing your virtual factory, you can immediately see changes in production conditions and their effects on the entire production process.

Apps for Industry 4.0 - from smartphones to VR glasses

Develop applications for the industrial internet of things. With full access to production data, you can develop entirely new business models. From the smart factory app for the smartphone to applications for VR goggles, you define the limits. 

  • Develop your own apps
  • Free access to production data
  • ADK for easier programming 


Generate order & production data at the push of a button

The virtual factory offers the possibility to easily generate a wide variety of production data - just like in reality. From master data to machine and process data. In this way, individual production processes can be simulated.

  • Independent generation of data
  • Mapping of realistic scenarios
  • Open access via Bridge API

Easy data retrieval via web services

The Bridge API gives you access to over 300 standardized production data sources for creating digital applications. Easy and user-friendly access via open web interfaces REST. 

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Learning and teaching in times of Industry 4.0

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